Pathfinder Character Creation

Last night I participated in my first DnD-like character creation in over a year. We spent 3.5-4 hours last night making characters, and we’re STILL NOT DONE! But, I wanted to put my musings down somewhere.

Rolling for stats is fun.
I have terrible luck and rolled the lowest out of our party, right on par with the point buy system of standard fantasy (15). In comparison, one of our party rolled over the point buy for high fantasy at 21. I ended up with a 17, 12, 12, 11, 11, and 7.  Now, that is a character with a specialization! But also an interesting trade-off. What stat would be gimped at 7? Would I die if something looked at me too hard, flail around like a great grandmother with osteoporosis, or be barely literate? Our specializations AND our flaws combine to form a vastly more interesting character than roughly average across the board. As someone who tries to power-game most of the time, my logical brain balked at having such a low stat, but my team mates helped me realize the truth: I would have a lot more fun contending with my weaknesses than smoothing them down across the board.


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As of the making of this account, a 1st year phd student in computer science with a focus in computer games and intelligent agents.
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