Third Year Begins

Classes are done after two years in the PhD program, and now advancement looms. Today marks the first day of my third year where I will prepare for and advance to candidacy. My goal over the next three months will be to write a paper suitable for FDG on Requirements Analysis of Interactive Audience (a concept sparked by my professor, Noah Wardrip-Fruin).  In common terms, I will be looking at interactive character creation systems (such as ABL behind Facade), see how they are authored, and come up with a series of ideas, tools, or methods by which we can author them better. What I expect to find are a bunch of extremely fine-grained low-level nobs mapped nearly one-to-one with character movement. Tens or hundreds of this tiny nobs are tweaked to form a single interaction that has readable meaning to the end-user. Cue thousands of authoring hours of assembling these pieces…

Except this SUCKS! Lego pieces aren’t all 1×1 square big. A lot of blocks are made bigger because they serve a better purpose lumped together. But what are those layers of hierarchy in interactive character authoring systems? The strata of control, so to speak, from grains of sand (tiny controls over infintesible nobs) to mountains (preauthored animation clips that get mashed together and played one after another?). That’s what this paper is going to explore. My first ever aimed-to-be-published, me-as-main-authored paper.



About robbierabbit

As of the making of this account, a 1st year phd student in computer science with a focus in computer games and intelligent agents.
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